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Tuesday 5th April              6.30pm to 8.30pm            £50 each

Thursday 9th June            6.30pm to 8.30pm

Tuesday 5th July               10am t0 12.30pm

Thursday 21st July            10am to 12.30pm

Wednesday 3rd August   10am to 12.30pm

Thursday 18th August     10am to 12.30pm

Tuesday 13th September 10am to 12.30pm

Tuesday 27th September 10am to 12.30pm





Tuesday 22nd March            6.30pm to 8.30pm                    £60 each

Thursday 28th April             6.30pm to 8.30pm

Thursday 23rd June            6.30pm to 8.30pm

Tuesday 12th July               1pm to 3.30pm

Thursday 28th July             10am to 12.30pm

Wednesday 10th August   10am to 12.30pm

Thursday 25th August        10am to 12.30pm

 Thursday 22nd September  10am to 12.30pm




Sunday 8th May           10am to 4pm                            £120 each

Sunday 22nd May       10am to 4pm

Sunday 26th June       10am to 4pm

Sunday 10th July         10am to 4pm

Sunday 24th July          10am to 4pm

Sunday 7th August      10am to 4pm

Sunday 21st August 10am to 4pm

Sunday 25th September 10am to 4pm

Workshop 1 Introduction to Furniture Painting  

Training with professional furniture painter and owner of Fantissimo, Angie Thomas.  You will learn how to prepare, paint and finish.  All equipment and paints will be provided as will aprons.  Please wear old clothes.

Tea, coffee, cold drinks and snacks provided.    2 hour workshop

    £50 each




Workshop 2: How to Embellish Painted Furniture Using Stencils, Stamps, Transfers Onlays and/or Decoupage​  

You will learn how to choose and use stencils, transfers, decoupage and other mixed media.  All equipment and paints will be provided as will aprons.  Please wear old clothes.

Tea, coffee, cold drinks and snacks provided.  2 hour workshop

  £60 per class








Workshop 3: Bring Your Own Furniture: A combination of both Workshops 1 and 2.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and established furniture painters alike.

Bring your own small piece of furniture that you can easily carry in and out.  We suggest a bedside table, console table or small unit.  Please ensure that you bring an unwaxed/unvarnished and unpainted piece of wooden furniture.

We’ll provide you with all the paint products and tools on the day along with super training from our in-house furniture painter Angie Thomas to paint, glaze, wax, decoupage, stencil and add transfers to your own piece of furniture.

Tea/coffee/cold drinks and snacks supplied.  There will be a break for lunch, bring your own or there are plenty of local shops that sell sandwiches etc.  

     £120 per class 


To book your space please give us a call us on 01892 655613

            We look forward to seeing you!!

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10am to 12.30pm

Tuesday 5th July

Thursday 21st July

Weds 3rd August

Thurs 18th August

Tuesday 13th September

Tuesday 27th September

6.30pm to 8.30pm                      

Thursday 23rd June

1pm to 3.30pm

Tuesday 12th July

10am to 12.30pm

Thursday 28th July

Weds 10th August

Thurs 25th August

Thursday 25th September

10am to 4pm

Sunday 26th June

Sunday 10th July

Sunday 24th July

Sunday 7th August

Sunday 21st August

Sunday 25th September

NEW FOR 2022 - Craft Painting Keepsakes

Come in for a couple of hours of fun.  Choose an object to paint and take it home with you.

We have a great selection of wooden articles that you're free to alter in any way you like, such as trinket and jewellery boxes, photo frame boxes.  Maybe you'd like to make your own piece of wall art from the wooden shapes we have in stock (hearts, stars, signs)?

We have all the painty products here for you to make something snazzy.  Angie will help and advise you throughout.


Sessions are £35 for 2 hours.

Refreshments provided.

Either call us to book on 01892 655613, or email at; pop in the shop to pay by cash / card or book online in our online store here: 

Crafts (5).jpg
Crafts (2).jpg
Crafts (4).jpg

Thursday 9th June 10am to 12pm

Wednesday 15th June 2pm to 4pm

Monday 27th June 2pm to 4pm

Thursday 7th July 10am to 12pm

Thursday 14th July 10am to 12pm

Thursday 27th July 1pm to 3pm

Tuesday 16th August 10am to 12pm

Wednesday 24th August 1pm to 3pm

Wednesday 14th September 10am to 12pm

Wednesday 28th September 12.30pm to 2.30pm

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